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    The same game developer who developed the ultra popular Raid: Shadow Legends is also the source of several equally exciting games that are also massively multiplayer online role playing games. Vikings: War of Clans is fairly similar to classic games like Command and Conquer where players have their own bases and create their own personal kingdoms. Also, the final goal in Vikings: War of Clans is to occupy places of power in their respective kingdoms.

    What is the speediest way of levelling up in Vikings: War of Clans?

    For players, the greater the level, the higher quality their towns and buildings will be. Please do remember that that individual levels are different from town levels. There are numerous ways to level up quickly but the basics are finishing tasks frequently and swiftly, returning at invaders, harvesting troops, being part of a trustworthy clan, and partaking in game events.

    What are “Jarls” in Vikings: War of Clans?

    In every single Viking clan, there is a leader or chief, who is specifically called a Jarl. A relatively new addition in the game also included the ability of Jarls to become king of the land. Players can look at basic details about Jarls in the Jarl’s Profile.

    How do I relocate to a new kingdom in Vikings: War of Clans?

    Going to an enemy kingdom requires the usage of the special Great Relocation item. In addition to the Great Relocation item, there is also a Return item. There are many catches though. First, Jarls are the only ones who have use of these things. Another catch is that these items are only usable when a global competition is taking place. The third catch is relocation is only applicable when you originate from your property.

    How do I turn into a king in Vikings: War of Clans?

    Being a king is a new competition which has been implemented in the game. It is specifically called Jotunheim Competitions and is a two-day competition to capture the Throne of Jotunheim. The Jarl who hold the throne more than any other Jarl becomes the King of Jotunheim and being the king has its advantages.

    How do I play Vikings: War of Clans on a desktop?

    In 2015, Vikings: War of Clans was basically releaed on mobile only. As
    play vikings war of clans grew bigger, the pressure to make the game included in multiple platforms grew. However, the game is also offered on Games.LOL where the game play and graphics are much more optimized than on a browser. All players have to do is to install the “Vikings War of Clans – New Tab Extension” , press the “Play for free” button on the website that will open if you click the Chrome extension.

    If you’re searching for a loaded strategy MMO, then Vikings: War of Clans has it all. The graphics in Vikings: War of Clans is also undeniably crisp and clear, unlike some of its counterparts. verall, Vikings: War of Clans is something truly worth trying for all kinds of players!