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We know getting started can be rough, so not only did we write this book, but we created some resources that will help you get off on the right foot. This page is where you can find a list of those resources. Make sure you sign up for our email list for updates and to get notifications when we release new resources.

Is there some resource you would like us to produce that you don’t see here? Be sure to get in touch and we will keep cranking these out!

First Chapter of Rich on Fifty

Yeah, we get it. Some books are boring. Some books are hard to read. Some books are too short. Some books are too long.

Rich on Fifty is jussssst right.

Don’t believe us? Try out the first chapter of the book for free today and decide for yourself!


Your First Club Year Outline

So you’ve got your club organized, your’ve got a group of friends who are ready to go, and now you are ready to hold some meetings.

But…what do you do at each of your first meetings?

Your first year is critical; this is where you are setting the tone and cadence for the lifetime of your club, so we have put together this document that shows up, month by month, a list of topics and milestones that your club should cover to set a solid foundation.

Click here to get access to our Your First Year outline!

Email Invitation to Join an Investment Club

Ever hosted a big party and wanted to send invitations and fretted over WHICH ONES TO BUY because you wanted to make sure that, whichever ones you purchased, they were the ones that got the most people to show up?

Yeah, same here.

Well in 2008, Jan did a BANG UP JOB creating an enrolling and compelling email that she sent out to her friends. This email works and got people in the door and excited about starting our club.

And now, you can use the same email.

Click here to get access to the email Jan used to get people excited!

Sample Investment Club Meeting Agenda

It’s a Sunday afternoon, you’ve got ten people coming to your first, official club meeting. You’re nervous, excited, and you can’t wait to get started. Your friends start showing up and it is time to get rolling. OH MAN. WHAT NOW?

If you don’t know how to run a meeting or create an agenda, you are not alone. So we created a sample template for you to help you get through. You can of course change it and modify it to meet your club, but at least you’ll have something to start with.

Click here to get a copy of our Club Meeting Agenda template!

Ready to Buy the Book?

You’ve checked out the free first chapter, you’ve downloaded our other free resources…what’s next? Reading the book, that’s what. Rich on Fifty will walk you through all of the important topics you need to know in order to successfully start and run an investment club yourself. What are you waiting for?

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