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Check out this enrolling email that kicked off our club!


So you’ve decided to start an investment club, but you have NO IDEA how to get people to join you? A lot of it starts with your invitation. Here you will find the actual invite that Jan sent out in 2008 that got people in action and to her house for our first meeting of what was to become the Stocks and Bondage Investment Club.

Feel free to use our example, or make it your own, to get the ball rolling.

If you have a better one you’d like to share with the world, email it to us, and we will start a collection of them here on the Rich on Fifty site for everyone to browse!

The Email

Subject: Let’s get rich! No, this isn’t spam…

Hello all!  Let me get right to the point:

I have emailed a total of 27 of the coolest, smartest, and most fun people I know to ask if you would be interested in starting an investment club with me.

Now, whether you already have investments of other kinds (or not), do or don’t “play the stock market,” or know absolutely nothing about it at all, I still want you!  I’m a bit of a novice, myself, having stayed out of my own investment management except for a once-a-year meeting with my money guy.  And having just REALLY looked at that portfolio statement the other day, well…I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands.  Not with the chunk I already have invested, but with NEW money.

Trouble is, I know practically nothing about investing in stocks, and I don’t have much money to put in every month.  Still, I HATE it that, month after month, time goes by without me investing ANYTHING.  But if we all join together, even $25 per person a month will make a BIG difference over time.

And I think it’s time.

The public conversation is that “the economy sucks.”  This is only true if you believe it.  The other side of that is that this very well may be a GREAT time to buy.  “They” always say, “Buy low, sell high,” right?  So I say, “Let’s take advantage of the low!”And for those of us for whom money is “tight,” an investment club may be the only chance we have to invest at all.

Now, I haven’t done a WHOLE lot of research, but I’m including some links from the Motley Fool and other websites that you can let go to work on your brain.  Then in early January, I’d like to have an informal get-together in which we could–with no obligation–meet to talk about what we know, what we’d like to know, and to gauge everyone’s interest in this idea.

The big picture of how I see this working is that we would meet monthly (say on a Sunday evening for a few hours), each contribute a modest amount to the fund, decide as a group where to put our money, and choose a broker who would then put our money to work.  I’m happy to offer our home for the meeting every time, or we could rotate meetings among group members willing to host–we can decide that later.

I’m thinking a group of 10-15 would be great, but even if we only have 6 or 8 people interested, that would be a good start.Of course, this would be a formal, structured group with very clear policies for getting in and getting out.  It’s been done all over the country since the 1800s, so there are lots of guidelines we can use or modify from the pioneers who have gone before.  Again, we will discuss all of that and agree together on the rules, guidelines, and format for OUR group.

Obviously, I’m looking for enthusiastic, open-minded, and very committed people.  Your level of knowledge is less important;  we’ll arrive at that together.  As I said, here are some links.  Check them out, Google “investment club” and other related topics, and then email me by the end of the year and let me know if you’ll be coming to the meet and greet in January (date TBD, but probably a Sunday night).  I’ll send a reminder in a few weeks and let you know the date.

Click on, my friends.  This could be the start of something BIG!



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