The Authors

Meet Chris, Jan, and Jason

Chris Kiklas

Chris Kiklas is an author, coach, speaker, leader and technology executive who loves to transform groups and communities.

Chris is passionate about helping people create new ideas and bring them to life.

When not working on projects, he enjoys spending time with his dog, Clarise, and traveling the world, meeting new people and experiencing new cultures.

Jan Johnson

Jan Mitchell Johnson is a grant writer and consultant to the education super stars and has won over $500 million for her clients.

She recently moved from Houston back to her home town of Panama City, Florida where (in her spare time) she sells real estate and manages three vacation properties, which she rents on Airbnb.

She’s exhausted a lot, it’s true, but her reward for all those long nights at the computer is down time on a beautiful beach and trips to Shell Island on her jet ski.

Jason Smith

Jason Smith is an engineer, coach, and consultant who loves to solve problems.

Jason is passionate about freedom; freedom in life, freedom in business, freedom in yourself.

Much of what drives him is his desire to impart some sense of freedom and confidence in others. In his free time, Jason enjoys spending time with his wife, Carla, his son, Nicholas, and watching sports (Steelers, Texans, Dynamo, Astros).